off-site backup real-time data security

Service Rate:

  • Installation: $75
  • Subscription: $54.95 / year

We offer off-site data backup through our partner Carbonite. Carbonite backup software continuously monitors your system for changes in files you deem important and uploads them to their secure data centers. Should your system crash or your data become corrupt, you can restore individual files with a click of a button.

system backup disaster preparedness

Service Rate: $75 / hour, $225 maximum

Using state-of-the-art software, we can create a snapshot of your computer and store it on our secure, redundant RAID-5 data servers. In the event of a catastrophic system failure, we can use this backup to restore your computer to the very moment the snapshot was taken. Our disaster preparedness services protect your operating system, program files and critical data.

our partners who we know

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With the other guys, you never know how reliable your data backup really is until you need to use it. We use technologies that are time tested and proven so you can rest easy at night knowing your data is safe.

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