disaster recovery and preparedness planning for the future

Service Rate: $75 / hour

According to a study conducted by the Gartner Group, 70% of companies that suffer a catastrophic IT disaster and do not have a disaster preparedness plan in place fail within the next year.

Let Phyrstorm Technologies, Inc. help your business:

  • Assess your IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities
  • Implement preventative measures
  • Build a disaster preparedness plan so that your company can react to a disaster effectively

data recovery when disasters occur

Service Rate: $75 / hour

When your hard drive fails, you often don't know what to do. Phyrstorm Technologies, Inc. uses state-of-the-art technology to attempt to recovery your important data.

NOTE: if you are experiencing a suspected hard drive failure or system instability that you suspect is related to an impending hard drive failure, it is imperative that immediately shut down your system to prevent further data corruption. Continued use of a system with a failing or failed hard drive may result in the inability of our technicians to recover your important data.