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Static web pages: $100 / page

Dynamic web pages and applications: call us for a quote!

Due to the varying complexity of web application design, we cannot post pricing information on our website. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote on your custom-built web application project.

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Your site is your Internet image; do it right.

We offer a wide array of solutions built from the ground up on field-tested and proven web technologies. Whether you need a simple, static website design or a complicated web application, we have the tools to build you precisely what you need.

When developing your web solution, we use a well tested and effective system to ensure that you get exactly what you want:

  • Phase 1: Concept Formation

    During the Concept Formation phase, we engage our clients in a comprehensive dialogue in order to nail down exactly what they need from their custom-built web solution from Phyrstorm Technologies, Inc. We get to know our client and their business so that we better understand their needs and desires. During this phase, logisitical and practical needs are addressed.

  • Phase 2: Initial Drafting

    During this phase, our web design specialists go to work putting together an initial draft. We then present this draft to our client for their input and feedback. Our clients can rest assured that they will be an integral part of the design process at every step of the way.

  • Phase 3: Revision

    Based on our clients' input, we revise our initial draft. During this phase, we implement additional ideas and tweak the design to conform 100% to the clients' specification and vision. For static web pages, this means tweaking text, positioning and image selection. For custom web applications, this process involves changes to the interface and end-user functionality.

  • Phase 4: Final Release

    We release a final product for client approval. Once approved and payment is received, we deliver the source codes to the client.

Call us today to discuss the details of your custom-built Phyrstorm Technologies, Inc. web solution.

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We work hard to keep current on the latest web technologies available so that you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best. Additionally, our web developers are well trained to identify and fortify potential security weaknesses in web systems so you can sleep better at night know your custom-built web solution is secure.